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Dear Doctors, how is everyone there? I am writing to send you and your staff my thanks and gratitude for the super great tummy tuck with 360 degree liposuction I had with you. My visit to Costa Rica was wonderful and I am extremely happy with my new appearance. The money I saved compared to the cost here in Montreal was very significant. Your price was 1/2 the price than it is here and there were no taxes or preliminary consultation fee, which saved me even more. Moreover, I had the chance to see Costa Rica and it was a beautiful trip that I will always remember. The country is amazing and the people are just as amazing. Please give my thanks and warm regards to your staff. I plan on coming again for a face lift and neck lift soon. See you then!

S.O. Montreal, Canada

Hello to Top Plastic Surgeons and nurses and staff! And also to the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn for taking such good care of me during recovery. My surgery went perfectly, just as you said it would, and my facelift, neck lift and eyelid lift turned out even better than I could ever imagined. I look completely refreshed and years younger! I was the first one of my social group to come to Costa Rica, now all of my friends have a procedure in mind and want to come. One of them has already booked their surgery with you and will be coming next month. I have assured all of them that there is no better place for their surgery than Top Plastic Surgeons. Thank you again for everything, I had a wonderful experience.

Y.C. Toronto, Canada

Dear doctors and staff, I have returned home and wanted to send my thanks and let you know of my appreciation for such a wonderful breast lift, bra line and back liposuction. My appearance is transformed completely and I am thrilled with my new look. My trip to your incredible country was a joyous experience. I had plenty of time to visit coffee farms, volcano national parks and even go for a tram ride above the rain forest. Amazing! My stay at the Costa Rica Inn was comfortable and relaxing, and they took great care of me after surgery. The money I saved was also amazing. I went to Costa Rica for both the adventure and the cost savings, and my whole trip, including airfare, hotel and surgery was much less than it would have cost here, and I got to see Costa Rica as a bonus. Thank you for a perfect surgery and I will return again soon for more procedures.

J.T. Calgary, Alberta

Perfect results, perfect surgery, perfect accommodations, and perfect trip to your beautiful country. I am writing to say that my mommy makeover was incredible and I am so happy with the way I look now. Gone is the fat and droopiness, and in its place I have the perfect symmetrical body that I have dreamed of for years. All of the doctors and nurses at Top Plastic Surgeons did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Your thoughtfulness and time you took with me from beginning to end was very much appreciated. And your amazing surgical skills are second to none. Thank you for my new makeover, I am very happy with everything and can’t wait to come back again.

B.L. Edmonton, Alberta

Dear Top Plastic Surgeons, I am sending my best wishes along with my heartfelt thanks for the thigh lift, arm lift and tummy tuck I had with you. The surgery turned out absolutely perfect and my body looks 1000 percent better. Your low price, hospitality and surgical skills made my visit a dream come true. I was impressed not only by surgery, but also with the friendly people, beautiful country and first-class accommodations at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn. Everyone took great care of me and made me feel wonderful. I would recommend to anyone who wants the very best plastic surgery at the lowest price, to visit you in Costa Rica. It was a wonderful experience and a perfect medical vacation. Again, thank you for all that you did for me.

T.R. Vancouver, Canada

Hello to all the great doctors at Top Plastic Surgeons, bless you all! It’s now been 8 months since my breast reduction and tummy tuck, and I look fabulous! The surgery turned out perfect! I have sent 3 pictures of what I look like now, so you can see the great improvements from when I was there in Costa Rica. My belly is now flat and my breasts look exactly like I wanted them to…the perfect size and shape. I would like you to know that I had a wonderful medical vacation and enjoyed the many San Jose sights during my city tour. The cost of surgery, including all costs of my trip, was much lower than the cost here and I saved even more money because there was no tax or consultation fees. I will return again for my facelift that we talked about and I look forward to seeing you all again. Take care!

C.F. Calgary, Alberta

Hello from Winnipeg! In just 3 months, my liposuction procedures have completely settled down and my new slim body has emerged. What a wonderful outcome! Thank you for a perfect surgery! To anyone considering plastic surgery, you absolutely must go to Costa Rica. There are many direct flights on Air Canada and the trip is comfortable and remarkable. From the moment I stepped foot in beautiful, tropical Costa Rica, I knew I had made the right choice. The lovely city, people and medical care is superb. I want to thank you for doing all of the liposuction I needed in the same surgery and I appreciate your advice regarding the breast surgery I want to have. I will return soon for a breast lift with implants. That will round off the liposuction procedures I had. Please say hello to the staff and thank you so much for my new perfect body.

D.A. Winnipeg, Manitoba

To all my new friends at Top Plastic Surgeons. Thank you for the wonderful tummy tuck you gave me. My tummy was enlarged and droopy, but no more! I am writing to say that after 7 months, my belly is trim, flat and completely tight. What a difference! Thank you also for the wonderful care and happy experience you gave me. I am truly grateful and look forward to returning soon for more enhancements. Please give my best to everyone.

P.B. Toronto, Canada